We know that the pandemic has had enormous impact on both, our private lives and our Fistball lives. As we have recognized throughout the last 3 years, the IFA Fistball World Tour has made a huge contribution to international cooperation and solidarity. And as solidarity being a central issue for the upcoming year we would like to inform you about the current status of our World Tour planning, although we are still not in the position to fix the key points.

Start of IFA World Tour 2021:

Although a vaccine and medication might make the end of the pandemic foreseeable we do not know at the moment, when a restart of the tour can be envisaged. We want to ensure that all the interested teams have the opportunity to take part in the tournaments: Travel restrictions may impede the carrying out of the first tournaments of the year. Based on an optimistic forecast, 1 April 2021 could be the kick-off date for the restart of the tournament series.

IFA World Tour Finals 2021:

After 2 successful initial events in Europe IFA has tried hard to find an organizer in one of the Americas. The host of the 2022 World Games, Birmingham, had to withdraw from hosting the World Tour Finals after the Olympics were postponed, just like our planned substitute host Sogipa Porto Alegre had to. As IFA is still in negotiations with 3 clubs in South America and this has also influence on the World Tour Calendar, no final decision can be made. We were also negotiating with the traditional hosts of IFA World Tour tournaments in South America about shifting their tournaments close to the date (mid of October) of the possible World Tour Final in South America: A sequence of tournaments and World Tour Final is our common goal.

Host Registration and Club Team Registration

After the two key issues have been settled we will provide final information and start the registration process on the basis of the regulation update we created last year. Download the regulations here: REGULATIONS
We know we are going through really difficult times. We nevertheless wish you all the best for the year 2021.

We hope the World Tour can contribute a little to a new and better future.

Together we are Fistball!