The second edition of IFA Fistball World Tour is just a few weeks ahead. 79 teams from five continents have registered to participate in the second season of the new club series, which has been established to enhance the value of the club tournaments worldwide.

At least the two best women’s and men’s teams will get wild cards for the World Tour Finals, the former World Cup. “The World Tour is a world-wide series of fistball tournaments in various categories through which teams can secure wild cards for the World Tour Finals, the former World Cup. In 2018 eleven teams got a wild card for the final event of the World Tour in Vaihingen/Enz on 27/28 April“, said Winfried Kronsteiner, chair of the International Fistball Association’s (IFA) sports commission and initiator of the World Tour. IFA will regularly publish the current World Tour rankings on their website

Overall, more than 75 teams from nine nations and five continents will participate in the 2018 IFA Fistball World Tour. They fight for points in four tournament categories world-wide. In total, there will be 21 venues in eight countries on three continents.
Six of these will be major events, in which the winners will gain 1,000 points at both, the men’s and the women’s category. Please note that the date of the tournament in Curitiba, hosted by Clube Merces, had to be changed. Because of some problems with the venue the new date will be 14/15 April instead of the beginning of March. Find an updated list below: