Last weekend a lot of Fistball has been played in Europe. There was the famous tournament of Vaihingen/Enz in Germany and two tournaments in Austria.

Münzbach hosted a big tournament with 32 male (750 points) and 15 female (500 points) teams, nearly the whole Austrian Bundesliga played the tournament in Upper Austria. The reigning Austrian champion from FBC ABAU Askö Urfahr won the female event in front of Askö Laakirchen, Union Nussbach and Union Freistadt. In the men’s final AWN TV Enns won a very close and exciting match against Union Tigers Vöcklabruck. The defending champions from Freistadt ranked third.

In Vaihingen the team of TSV Calw won the male competition and 750 points for the ranking against SVD Diepoldsau from Switzerland. The experienced home team of Vaihingen/Enz won the bronze medal. Surprisingly the heavy favourite from Pfungstadt only finished fifth.

The female competition unfortunately had to be downgraded to 250 points. The team from Satus Kreuzlingen lost the final against TV Segnitz.

Schärding held a 250 point tournament which the men of Union Zell won. Union Braunau was the runner-up in front of Askö Höhnhart and the home team of Schärding.