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TV Brettorf

Club Information

The TV Brettorf is one of the biggest fistballclubs in Germany: A quarter of the members (180) are actively playing fistball. Currently eight men team, five women team participate in competition, also 20 youth team and four senior team at the championships. With 180 participations in German championships in nearly all age groups, Brettorfer teams won 34 gold, 41 silver and 32 bronze medals.


#2 = Laura Marofke (Striker)
#6 = Ida Hollmann (Defender)
#7 = Rika Meiners (Striker)
#8 = Karen Kläner (Setter)
#9 = Laura Cording (Defender)

3x Woman, 18x U18
7x U18
2x U18
12x U18

Rieke Buck

Assistant Coach:
Laura Koletzek