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Ahlhorner SV

Club Information

The Ahlhorner Sportverein is one of the largest fistball clubs in Germany. More than 20 youth teams is a sign of the importance of the talent promotion. Weekly training with over 50 (!) 6-9 year olds is regularly! With 59 (!) German championships in the last 25 years, the Ahlhorner SV is not only one of the largest, but also the most successful clubs in Germany. These championships were won in the most varied classes.


#2 = Janna Köhrmann (Setter)
#4 = Pia Neuefeind (Striker)
#6 = Imke Schröder (Striker)
#7 = Sandra Wortmann (Defender)
#10 = Sarah Reinecke (Defender)
#11 = Jacqueline Zaddach (Defender)

49x Woman, 12x U18 (GER)
3x Woman (GER)
6x U18 (GER)

20x U18 (GER)
13x U18 (GER)

Edda Meiners

World Cup Victories


World Cup
Ahlhorn (GER)
World Cup
Porto Alegre (BRA)