Last weekend one of the biggest tournaments of the IFA World Tour, the Jona Major, took place in Switzerland. Especially the Austrian teams were very successful and took home the 1000 points in both categories.

In the male category the Tigers Vöcklabruck were ranked first. They get 1000 points for the IFA World Tour Ranking and therefore climb to second place. They beated a selection of the Brazilian National Team in the finals. The third place was won by the swiss club SVD Diepoldsau.


The Austrian champion Union Haidlmair Schwingenschuh Nussbach could win the Jona Major in the female category and is now ranked second in the World Tour Ranking. They succeeded against the German team from Kellingusen with 2:0 in the finals. The girls from ASKÖ Laakirchen Papier could win the match for the third place against ASKÖ Seekirchen.


Next weekend even three IFA World Tour tournaments will take place in Austria, Germany and Switzerland where the teams can collect many points for their World Tour account again.