This year, the fourth season of the IFA Fistball World Tour starts into a new round with a total of 27 tournaments on five continents. A record number of 124 teams will fight for the club-fistball crown and the title of the best team in the world. The tournament kicks off at the beginning of February in Chile, where the first points of the World Tour will be collected.

A total of six new tournament organizers are on the tour calendar for the new season of the IFA Fistball World Tour. This year 124 teams have the possibility to participate in 27 tournaments on five continents and the tournament series starts and ends in Chile in 2020. The new season begins on February 1st with an IFA 250 tournament in Llanquehue (CHI), with Club Manquehue, participant in the World Tour Final 2020. The World Tour season 2020 ends in Chile with an IFA 500 tournament on 1 November in Santiago de Chile.

“The Fistball World Tour is constantly evolving. We have again integrated the feedback of the clubs and hosts and made some changes. New is that with the IFA 250, 500 and Major there are now only three tournament categories. We are very happy about the positive development of the World Tour series and are looking forward to an exciting 2020 season. We are very glad that the World Tour will be carried out on five continents and that we have this amazing number of 124 participating teams. It is particularly pleasing to have another World Tour host in USA, Asia and Australia in addition to the proven World Tour stations and major tournaments in South America and Europe. In addition, there are some new tournaments, especially in Europe,” says Winfried Kronsteiner, chairman of the IFA Sports Commission and co-founder of the World Tour.

Verleger: “Tournament hosts and teams are looking forward to the start of the season”

“The Fistball World Tour is developing very well. In 2020 we will again see many exciting tournaments around the world and the best teams will fight for the World Cup title at the World Tour Finals. I am pleased to see how motivated the tournament organizers and teams are for the new Fistball World Tour season. Especially the record number of participants has put me in a very optimistic mood for this season and I am excited to see which teams can place themselves at the top of the world ranking this year “, says IFA President Jörn Verleger.

IFA 2020 Fistball World Tour with 6 Major tournaments

Six tournaments achieved the quality criteria for the highest category, the major category, in which 1000 points are awarded. 14 tournaments are held in the second tour category with 500 points each, whereas the 250 category consists of 7 tournaments. When taking part in the World Tour clubs can secure a wildcard for the World Tour Finals – the former World Cup. In addition to the six continental winners from Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia, the two best-placed teams in the World Tour qualify for the World Tour Final. The women’s team from TSV Dennach (GER) and the men’s team from TSV Pfungstadt (GER) won the IFA 2019 World Tour Finals.