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Pfister Stuttgart Open

22.-24. April 2022

Since nine years, Stuttgart is the venue for one of the biggest annual recurring events in Fistball. Conducted by TV Stammheim, the .wtv-Stuttgart-Open enable teams from all over Europe to prepare themselves for the shortly commencing summer season in European Fistball. Annually, the organizers are very proud to welcome players from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Therefore the staff of TV Stammheim represented by a lot of volunteers tries to offer the best conditions for at least fourty teams that return year by year and battle for the win during two days of tournament. Ever since the tournament bears the name “.wtv-Stuttgart-Open” the organizing staff is proud to rely on the dependable partner “Württemberger Medien” that enables the club of TV Stammheim to host this tournament every year. In addition, all players are always welcomed to participate in sociability and thus bring a lot of fun for everybody to be joyfully returning year by year and strengthen friendships within Fistball family.

IFA Major

Tournament 2017

Ranking Women

  1. TSV Calw (GER) → 1.000
  2. FBC Linz Urfahr (AUT)
  3. TSV Dennach (GER) → 600
  4. TSV Jona (SUI) → 500
  5. Ahlhorner SV (GER) → 450
  6. Union Nussbach (AUT) → 400
  7. ASKÖ Laakirchen (AUT)
  8. Union Freistadt (AUT)
  9. SV Tannheim (GER)
  10. TV Öschelbronn (GER) → 260
  11. ASVÖ SC Höhnhardt (AUT)
  12. SK Vöest Linz (AUT)
  13. TV Unterhaugstett (GER) → 200
  14. TV Stammheim (GER) → 180
  15. TV Obernhausen (GER) → 160
  16. TG Landshut (GER)
  17. TSV Schwieberdingen (GER)
  18. TSV Bayer Leverkusen (GER)
  19. SSV Bozen (ITA)


Date Time Competition Season
22. April 2022 10:00 IFA Major (Women) 2017 (F)