Cancellation of 2021 IFA World Tour season inevitable

The ongoing Covid19 pandemic forces the organizers of The Fistball World Tour season 2021 to cancel another full season. The central reasons must be seen in the many different existing national regulations regarding the staging of events and travel restrictions. The safety of all people involved cannot guaranteed world-wide.

“Our aim was to start a Fistball World Tour only under fair circumstances. Currently it is not possible to carry out a World Tour because of national restrictions which are different from country to country. Together with the cancellation of the Major events in South America and most likely also in Europe this spring, we decided to cancel this year’s World Tour season and restart the World Tour in 2022”, says Winfried Kronsteiner, Chairman of IFA Sports Commission. “In many countries Fistball clubs are closed and training is not permitted. So a World Tour under the same circumstances for all teams and hosts is not possible.”

“It’s our obligation to protect the health and safety of our Fistball family and the general public in the face of this global pandemic. We are looking forward to an even stronger World Tour in 2022,” said Winfried Kronsteiner explaining the cancellation of the 2021 season.

Current status of the World Tour Finals 2021

IFA is still working hard to organize the World Tour Finals in the end of September 2021. Currently the Finals organizing team is in negotiations with a host in Austria and partners to finance the event. A final decision if this event can be made possible will be made by 15 April.